Whiteboard dreams to technical solutions

Understanding you, your business and your customers first.

Technology is the great equalizer for businesses today

Let’s solve the right business problem with the right technology.

I learn about you, your customers, your business and your industry and we get really clear on the business processes and opportunities to grow.

I have a traveling white board because in the past 20 years working with businesses to identify needs, I’ve found many different ways to work with people – developers, designers, executives – a white board works the best with the most (and I have other tools as well)

Based on 20+ years working with businesses aligning goals to technology. Not the other way around.
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Who are you, who are your customers and what value do you provide?

I'm very inquisitive and ask questions you may have not asked yourself in order to best understand your industry, your market and your competitors.

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Clarity creates simplicity.

Together we set a clear vision in order to identify a simple, yet effective path to results.

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What systems are you using?

From operations to marketing - we identify your digital landscape and the technologies you're using and then provide an audit with best practices for data collection.

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This type of research scares your competitors.

We use powerful and robust tools to understand your particular market and perform comprehensive research on what’s going on in your space. This gives us a wide and deep understanding in order to best help position you to attract your ideal customer.

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Let's get tactical.

Together we create a short term plan for execution and identify next steps and milestones. Momentum breeds traction and once we have defined priorities and next steps - we get to work.

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Quick wins, sustainable progress

Whether it’s reporting systems, data analysis, SEO, local SEO, email marketing, social media management, website design & development, CRM implementation - we have the resources to get the job done.

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Monthly results calls

Our monthly result calls provide details on what's been done, a discussion about performance and metrics as well as plan for the upcoming month.