Strategy + Systems = Results

Sustainable. Repeatable. Valuable.

Technical strategy or digital services


Not sure if you need a web designer, developer, SEO expert or a new business application?

My clients save money because we identify the best resources to get the job done – timely and cost effective.

Here are the various ways I work with clients:

  • Projects – single projects to help move some things along
  • Retainers – monthly dedicated time working your high priorities
  • Consulting – brought in for assessments and audits

With decades of experience leading IT departments and analysts to deliver results I bring a well rounded and informed solid approach to your business.

I don’t just consider my own personal skill set when looking at your business needs, I know how to manage people, projects and technology and I hire the right people for the right jobs.

My services are tailored specifically for your organization and can include one or more of these:

Information Systems Consulting

With decades of experience evaluating applications to solve business problems, once we get clear on the business needs together, I’ll research possible solutions and present the options.

With a solid understanding of you, your company and your customers and wide understanding of the technical landscape of what’s available – we’re able to identify a select view that will best meet your companies individual needs.

I’ll also help you connect your disconnected data sources.

Automated and integrated systems help companies grow by improving their operational efficiency, improving the real-time visibility of valuable information and decreasing costs by sharing data across multiple systems.

I’m sure you’ve heard “Garbage in, garbage out” – I can help you clean up your data silos, connect your systems and provide you with powerful, actionable insight.


  • $95-$125/hour  depending on length of engagement

Website Services

We’ll make sure your website becomes something more than a pretty online brochure – your website should be changing frequently – learning more and more about your customers as your traffic increases.

Websites are online ecosystems – once the branding, design and aesthetics are in place, a strategic approach to maintenance will help you learn about your customers and grow your business.

Brand experts, graphic designers and web developers are brought together to build your online home – it is, after all, your digital real estate.

Ready for a new website?  Our packages start at $2000 and include copy & graphic design, premium themes and plug-ins. Geared towards converting your browsers into clients – we approach every new website project with a solid digital strategy.


  • Website:  $2000-$6000
  • Retainers:  $75-$500/month  depending on services provided

Email Management & Marketing

Email marketing and customer relationship management systems is an untapped chance for small businesses.

This connection channel can strengthen relationships and provide a more high touch service to existing customers.

These are people that already know you and love you – you don’t have to fight the masses to get their attention … and now that you have their attention, value filled emails to them in an effort to provide excellent service only improves the relationship with them.

My system of choice is Active Campaign – cost effective for small business with the power of large email marketing applications. With customer relationship management features and intelligent workflow capabilities combined with intuitive navigation – my clients are able to manage their own email marketing once I’ve “set the stage” and provided education.

When you’re ready to explore this hidden treasure of gold for your company – give me a call.


  • $500 to migrate from your current provider and set up templates & auto-responders
  • $50-$450 depending on campaigns and list size

Content Creation & Marketing

Periodic updates to your website are necessary to stay relevant in today’s world. We work with you to identify the type of content that speaks directly to your ideal customers, create a consistent publication schedule and even create the content and post it for you.

We also can perform a content audit – maybe use what you already have with some tweaks for resonance and application in this digital realm.

With graphic designers, copy writers and print specialists available, we’ll create a well rounded and strategic approach to your content needs.


  • $75 branded visuals
  • $100  blog post (750 words optimized for search)
  • $175  epic article (2000 words optimized for search)
  • $150-750/ month  retainer packages available

SEO Services

Be the answer to your customers question in Google.

Optimizing content for the search engines better positions you to be found.

SEO Services include:

  • Digital strategy sessions
  • Complete SEO audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Marketing Campaign
  • Link Building Strategy

We help you to make sure you have a solid foundation for your Google analytics and help you understand exactly what you’re looking at or provide you with an executive summary highlighting performance.

We do provide a basic SEO audit of your website with our initial consultation, if you’d like a complimentary audit and discussion about how people are finding you and what they’re doing when they get there, contact me.


  • $1500-$3000 depending on size of website
  • $750-$1500/month  retainer packages available

Local SEO Services

Similar to having your business listed in the yellow pages of a phone directory, or putting an ad in your neighborhood newspaper or magazine- local SEO is about getting found by those in your neighborhood.

Local SEO Services include:

  • Complete SEO Audit
  • Setting up or confirming your Google My Business listing
  • Submission to the online directories monthly


  • $750 for setup [strategy session, audit and plan)
  • $750- $1500/month  retainer packages available