Hi -I’m Carolyn Delaney
Digital Strategist in Portland

First female in my 6th grade chess club –
beat 12 out of 13 boys to take home the trophy!

Strategic for decades


My clients appreciate that I am fiercely passionate about technology.

Using technology to grow businesses – not letting technology define the business processes.

Delegating effectively and using the right technology helps me leverage the right skill sets in the best interest of my clients –  I’m not tied to any one technology. 

With over 20+ years in the technology field, my superpower has been connecting technical solutions to business goals. 

My career has grown from automating myself out of a job at a very young age to leading large diverse technology teams through major acquisitions.

With each company change, industry change, position change, I adapted to learn new technologies – all the while completely focused on business solutions.  

Motivated by conversations with clients as they start to feel relief from the technology about “how” to get something done – their vision for their business gets bigger —  even mid-sentence.

Carolyn Delaney owner of Delaney Consultants
What story are digital dots telling you that can grow your business?

Analyzing data for you is a happy place for me.

Today every business is collecting a massive amount of data – translating that data into actionable insight and telling a story with it to help your business grow is my sweet spot.

Whether it’s information about your customers or your customer’s journey on your website, analytics helps to make smarter business decisions.

Contact me to hear the story of the data you’re already collecting!