Don’t just build a website, create a strategy!

Delaney Consultants is a Maine based business providing technical and digital strategy services and support for local businesses.

Our Process Starts with Relationships First - Technology Second


Who are you? Who are your customers and what value do you provide? We begin with an in-depth understanding of your business.


Clarity creates simplicity. We'll create a simple, yet effective path to results. We'll identify your customer and how to get them what they're looking for.


We have a singular focus. Quantifiable results for your business. Unique and measurable. We believe in plan, act, measure, improve.

Data is an honest friend. What is your data telling you?

Data is a powerful tool.

And you’re collecting it.

Your website, your Facebook business page, your operations – all collect important data points.

Each digital touch point you have gives you valuable information.

Ready to use that information to improve and grow your business to serve more people?


A Digital Strategy

A digital strategy is a plan designed to assess, measure and achieve your business goals through the use of digital tools, techniques and methodologies.


Your Local Digital Strategist

Here in Portland, Maine – I help businesses create a strategy around their data  and use the insight to grow their business.

My approach? 

I put people, relationships and understanding first – technology second.

Digital Strategy Dots